Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Voodoo Vixen "Zelda" Space Print Dress

Carried away by fifties it's impossible not to become imbued with the incredible design decisions that were everywhere in circulation in the fashion of the time. Clothing, interiors, cars - all permeated with improbable faith in the human capabilities and progress. One of the most exciting areas of this culture is the so-called retro futurism. I looked through hundreds of photos with vintage cars, resembling space shuttles and many pictures that represent human exploration of space. Now it looks strange and too frantic for us, because the design has become faceless and monotonous. But my heart belongs entirely to the images of the 50's. I have long wanted to do something in the style of "Space pin-up". And finally I had such an opportunity due to fantastic Zelda Space Print Dress by Voodoo Vixen! This dress have been  created in the best traditions of retro futurism and I just love it! 

The dress is incredibly comfortable and made of a soft fabric. It perfectly enhances the silhouette and keeps the shape even without a petticoat. Although the Voodoo Vixen site says that the edging and the strap is red, I would say that it's bright pink. And it's wonderful, because pink comes to this space print much more better. 

Zelda Space Dress is a perfect decision for parties or Sci-Fi festivals. I would really recomend it to everyone who's in love with B movies! Wearing it is such a fun!

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