Tuesday, 12 September 2017

"Cosmopolitan" body cream by Betty Berry

We are glad to present you a new brand in the vintage cosmetics industry! It's Betty Berry - the first store of certified pin up style products in the CIS. At the moment they offer to try a line of body creams inspired by world famous cocktails. The first of them is the classic "Cosmopolitan".
This cream is just a find for lovers of juicy fruit flavors. The aroma is very rich and lasts long on the skin. The process of caring for the body with this cream becomes a real bliss! A wonderful scent literally "awakens" the hormone of happiness, improves mood and exacerbates feelings.

The cream has tremendous moisturizing and softening properties. Tenderness and velvety of your skin in one jar! B
etty Berry creams produced by a special "cold" technologies with no heating. All nutrients are completely preserved and have a beneficial effect on your skin.

You get the best for the beauty and youth of your body!
This cream is excellent for any skin type, it acts gently and delicately. An irreplaceable means for skin care, highly recommend by Grace Hollow Doll <3

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