Saturday, 24 December 2016

Voodoo Vixen "Brooke" Cardigan

Hi lovelies!

Today we want to talk with you about one of the most cute winter styles ever created by vintage reproduction brands. Of course it's Voodoo Vixen Brooke Cardigan! Delicate combination of sky blue color with pearls and embroidery in the form of snowflakes makes it indispensable in the wardrobe of every retro fashion lover, and lovely bow adds romance to the whole look. Wear this cardigan with pearl or silver jewelry and you will no doubt be Snow Queen on any ball! 

Voodoo Vixen items are our old passion. We got acquainted with this brand a few years ago and make large purchases from them several times a year. Their design potential is increased in recent years. That only is the cooperation with the matchless Rachel from Chicago Chic Blog! But we advise you not to buy immediately all the stunning new products, offered by Voodoo Vixen for each season. It's very hard we know, but wait for the end of the season and you can buy clothes with a certain discount! 

To all the advantages that we have listed, we would like to add a small minus. The problem with the sizes. Often it turns out that things that tagged by Voodoo Vixen as S size are large even to the people who usually wears M. We would advise them to release XS size so that all the buyers were satisfied. However, you can always take in a little bit. On the other hand, we don't recommend to girls with full bust to buy S size cardigans, because buttons on them may come unfastened and you will look very juicy, you know. In spite of this, Voodoo Vixen is one of the best vintage brands and one of our ever favorite and we wish them success and prosperity in the new year!

Merry Christmas,
Irina Voorhees

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